Claire Amelia on Weddings

Weddings… hmm what does weddings mean to me? I’m writing you this as my first ever blog post *cringe* so no judging, ease me into this new world of blogging, expressing my opinions and showcasing my life. I wasn’t born dreaming about weddings, I didn’t grow up dreaming about weddings either and I also am not one who’s already planned their wedding whilst growing up, although I do write this fully in love and micro planned my dream wedding in my head to my boyfriend George, sshhh don’t tell him!

TBE Shop photos 19-01-17 86
That’s me! Helping a bride play dress up in my bridal shop The Bridal Emporium

Having worked in the wedding industry for other businesses and now owner of my own bridal shop, I am privileged to chat to many brides to be day in and day out. What I’ve learned is that a wedding is all about bringing two lovers together and expressing their love for one another, may it be privately or in front of many family and friend members, you can even #hashtag your wedding! #emporella – go on do it, you know you want to!


Each couple goes through different stages when planning their big day, some couples can get hitched super quick, vegas baby! and others can spend years making each decision down to the tee. The pro’s on getting hitched super fast, is the buzz, the excitement, the adrenaline pumping around you and your partner, but what if you missed inviting someone or didn’t invite anyone at all and then boom ten years down the line you wished you had such a such person on your wedding day. Then on the other hand, taking time to pick your favourite suppliers, venue, outfits, sending out the invitations, deciding on which flowers to chose, you create your perfect day taking your time but do you lose the excitement, the adrenaline and do you build this dream wedding up so much that if one little tiny thing isn’t correct on the day – BOOM full explosion, it’s not perfect! So who the hell knows what’s right and what’s wrong?


I know… the answer to a fabulous, successful, loved up wedding is YOU and your better half! Whatever the heck you want to do, wherever you want to get married, who you chose to witness this once in a lifetime moment, or maybe twice, three times… a laddyyy (sorry getting ahead of myself then).  Only you can decide what your wedding is about and this is what I express to all my customers day in and day out in my bridal shop, do whatever the heck you want to do as long as there is love.

So to get you ready we’ll be bringing a large range of wedding inspirations, from real weddings, editorials, DIY projects and much more. Alongisde the blog we’re working very hard on other stages of the brand Emporella, including an online shop to buy all your wedding bits and bobs, to do lists to help you with planning the big day and much more so keep following for the latest news. The new blog Emporella is here for you to enjoy forever and ever, planning on living 108 years so you have me ffoorrr 78 more years, that’s right, let’s bring this!

Dreaming big boho style …




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